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I'm Esther Kruk, your business and life coach in Berlin.

Every one of us knows the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. For me it was always clear, it should be something creative and I wanted to design something with my hands. What exactly that could mean and how important this question would become for me later, I didn’t know at that time.


My story: How I became successful in business with the help of art

It was clear early on that I would attend art school after graduating from high school, so at the age of 17 I began studying conceptual art in the Netherlands, where I also grew up. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I was drawn to the artist stronghold of Berlin, where I founded an artist collective with some friends and ex-college mates. 

Soon, however, reality caught up with me and I realized with a heavy heart that the collective was not going to get me where I saw myself financially. This realization presented me with an elemental decision and brought me to a crossroads in my life. My nature, as well as art, had accustomed me to reinventing things and looking at them from different angles, thus putting them in a new frame with relatively simple means. I took advantage of this characteristic and saw an opportunity to use my creative background to make a positive contribution in the business world. At the same time, it also allowed me to build a solid financial foundation. 

I joined a large fintech company and developed into a team leader there. Later, I also became an ambassador for diversity and inclusion. In my role, I took responsibility for the professional goals of individual employees as well as the company’s goals. This was also the time when I gained my first experience as a coach. 

The insight that laid the foundation for my coaching concept

What I noticed from the beginning was that employees and the company often worked separately, which meant that employees could not develop their full potential. Fortunately, in my role as team leader, I had the freedom to get creative and experiment a bit. With the help of my artistic side, I designed a team leadership method that reduced absenteeism in my team while also enabling a 6-figure increase in revenue. The most important thing to me was always that the employees enthusiastically took ownership of the company.


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