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Leadership team coaching in Berlin

It’s a supposedly simple equation: motivated employees are more likely to feel connected to a company and thus contribute significantly to its success. Unfortunately, this does not always work out easily in practice. Many companies and managers are confronted with high absenteeism, fluctuation and demotivated staff or have problems finding the right talent. 

This is exactly where I come in. With the module I developed, we start at the beginning, namely with the optimization of the recruiting process and thus lay the first important foundation. Then we look a little deeper into the company together and I analyze leadership styles, the working atmosphere and company benefits. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the team leader and improve the corporate culture.

How does the team leader coaching help to increase the company's success through motivated employees?

Employee retention and motivation don’t just happen overnight. It requires an individual approach that is tailored to the respective company and its employees in order to achieve truly sustainable success. My method has already proven its worth over several years in the teams I have had the privilege of accompanying, and I have been able to achieve the following:

From staff shortages to stable working relationships

with motivated and talented employees. With the following business coaching model, I accompany companies or individual team leaders on this journey:

Module 1

Increase your Talent Pool

  • Full review of today job application progress.
  • Does the job description fit the expectations set for the company?
  • Are the candidates fit to the job description?
  • How does our ideal candidate look like?
  • How do we reach a broader audience?

Duration 2-3 days

Goal: Increase your overall Talentpool and make the job description fit the expectations of the team and their vision.

Module 2

Improve the selection process

  • Developing a new and EQ friendly interview guideline.
  • How do a recognize EQ qualified skills during an interview?
  • Does the onboarding process fit the companies Mission Vision?
  • How attractive are the employee benefits?

Duration 2-3 days

Goal: Employee centric selection process followed by a valued-based onboarding that matched the companies mission vision.

Module 3

Nurture a trustworthy work environment

  • Transparent and valued based communication.
  • How to nurture this valued-based culture.
  • Enabling a psychologically safe workplace.
  • Conduct difficult employee conversation in a motivating manner.
  • Built on intrinsic motivated workspace that is purpose driven.

Duration 2-3 seminar days

Goal: Secure the company culture.

Module 4

Live your own corporate culture

  • Check-in of the expectations and needs of the team and managers to built a trustworthy environment.
  • Implementation of the sustainable and value-based corporate culture.
  • 1:1 coaching to prepare for the value-based employee coaching.

Duration 6-8 months

Goal: Sustainable company culture and self-learning organisation.


What makes my coaching so special and successful?

I do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” concept but approach each team leader coaching individually to the person, circumstances and challenges. It is particularly important to me to sensitize managers so that they meet their employees at eye level and recognize their needs and strengths.

My developed module consists of four parts and includes workshops as well as seminar days. I usually accompany companies or individual managers over a period of 6 to 8 months to ensure a sustainable implementation and to be able to respond to challenges that arise later.