Life Coaching in Prenzlauer Berg:

Technically, everything is fine, but still, something is missing?

The lines that life writes are rarely straight. We have our own personal goals and dreams, are searching for true fulfillment but usually can’t put into words what exactly is leading us there. 

Have you ever experienced this? You reach a long-awaited goal, but happiness fails to materialize? Or you don’t know how you will ever reach your goal because of all the obstacles? Maybe you wonder if you need a goal at all to live a fulfilled and happy life. 

Together with you, I would like to find an answer to these and other questions that preoccupy you within the framework of life coaching.

As a life coach, I work together with you over several weeks to, among other things:


To achieve this, I have developed a method that takes the classic concept of systemic coaching and combines it with new elements from the visual arts. With the help of art and visual stimulation, I want to help you feel yourself, get closer to yourself again and understand yourself better. The idea for the development of this method has its origin in my art studies, where I intensively studied how to make people dream with the help of images and how to train creativity and imagination through them.

Do you feel addressed or do you recognize yourself in the above-mentioned questions?

Then take the first step and arrange a free, non-binding meeting with me. We will first get to know each other and clarify all open questions before we will be discovering your purpose in life.

I offer life coaching in German, English or Dutch and it can take place in presence as well as online.

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